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Hospital Queue System


Hospital Queue Management System designed by Qtech makes the process of patients consulting with the doctor easy and comfortable. The system takes care of all the events right from patient registration to the event of clearing the bill with the integration of the hospital CRM.

The patients are assisted with the required information at every stage of consultation desired queue numbers through large size LED Display Systems, TV display and Room Display on every doctor’s room. The system also enables the Doctor to recall the patients put onto some procedures, to clear patients name not responded for long time from the list. Missed Queue numbers will also be displayed in the tv display.

Queue management system integrated with appointment scheduler is implemented in the hospital. It is specially designed for hospital to facilitate the booking of patient's appointment in advance.

A new queue system for hospitals by qtech is a cutting edge technology which will help cut waiting time.

The patient only needs to register once. The itinerary of the day can also be printed out with the queue number and this is the same queue number that one patient will use to move from one service to another. "Measured by turnaround time and waiting time, the queue management system can shorten waiting time about 30 to 40 per cent.


Types of F&B Mode

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