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Qtech uses differentiation strategy in meeting various requirement of the queue system from various corporate customers.

Qtech upgrade its queue management systems regularly with the latest technologies and provide flexibility of upgrading of customers’ existing systems.

Qtech ensure availability of spare parts for the proprietary queue system.

To transfer latest technological know-how and expertise to our intermediaries in all over the globe so that they would carry out excellent after sale technical support to all of our customers.

Qtech has an experience of selling Queue Management Systems to all types of globally located customers and has deep knowledge of transition, optimization and operation of customer flow with all sectors of organizations.

The company incorporated business in 1992 and are on the way of grasping and selling Queue Management System solutions to the whole world with our work and developing latest technologies. We are there to serve your clientele and customers at your doorsteps.

Queue System For Different Sectors

Our clientele consists of different sectors such as telephony, banking, finance, hospital, education, defence, airlines, immigration, law, automobile and private medical practitionersWe have been expanding its distribution channels from Singapore to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Mauritius, Maldives, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Ghana and PakistanQtech uphold the importance of its corporate policy in providing excellent customer service and technical support to all of our customers worldwide.

Our Motto

To provide excellent customer service and technical support to all of our customers globally.

To upgrade our professional queue management system regularly with the latest technologies and to provide flexibility of upgrading to our customer's existing queue management systems. To ensure our international intermediaries equipped with the latest spare parts and professional training so that they could provide excellent after-sale technical support to all of our customers around the globe.

Queue Ticketing System increases customer flow management and faster approach in working efficiency.Queue System is speed booster in environment and atmosphere friendly work which does not creates any line with sound of customers , breaking lines, security to control and any other pollution near the receptions with queue breaking.

At Qtech, our motto is to spread queue management system in all parts of the world at least budgeted prices with quality.

Our Clinics

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