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Lapis lazuli handmade creations gem stone pendant and full covering of lapis stones , unique and rare designs . Concept jalebi jewels 

We are glad to serve you the best in every sale we make . Tribal jewels are our rarest collections . We have been selling stones , old jewellery and antique collections from decades. 

At jalebi jewels you get a fine quality of product . Our unique designs and beautiful artistic designs are working out all time to create the most unique uncommon designs. 

Our team of talented artists and designers have created a variety of exclusive  collections for every customer‘s taste and they are available in our store. We ship all our products worldwide for free! Each product arrives packaged in a beautiful box which is included in the price.

One size 
They are coated with a special material that isolates the metal from your skin and gives a unique shine and aesthetic look to the jewelry. They are extremely light and comfortable to wear!

Jalebi Jewels is a part of team of colors of kotsa been working since long years .

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Lapis Lazuli handmade necklace with stone unique lapis , unique rare necklace

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