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Size : Height 15.5 cms x 8 cms

Thick Authentic mixed Tibetan Singing Bowl : Very Good quality with good patina bowls are mostly used for relaxation as well as its beautiful shape. These style of bowls in the past used to be considered as a valuable goods which was given to others as a symbol of love, respect, and kept it as a valuable goods like golds and silver in today’s age. About the sound : the sound of these bowls are creates a mild tone or as the researcher says it a magic bowl . some of them have a very high tone, some of them a very deep and most of them have a mild tone. Excellent condition with deep sound Your Purchase Includes your Singing Bowls, 1 pc Leather Mallet and 1 surprise gift from us . Please contact us for sound recordings or any additional photos or details. Kotsa Hand Carved Hammered Singing Bowl:-It was made from many monk metals mainly Brass -Sound was thoroughly checked.-It sound NOTE  for musical purpose.-Best for meditation, yoga practices, mindfulness from stress, music, sound and vibration, etc.-While purchasing this items, it includes a set of an extra stick , leather covered mallet, stick as shown. 15 Most Amazing Benefits of Singing Bowl: 1. Reduces stress and anxiety significantly. 2. Lowers anger and blood pressure. 3. Improves circulation and increases blood flow. 4. Deep Relaxation and pain relief. 5. Chakra Balancing. 6. Increases mental and emotional clarity. 7. Promotes stillness, happiness and well being. 8. Aides the immune system, fibrillation and psoriasis in individuals that meditate. 9. A general sense of uplifting, inspirational, and positive energy. 10. Improvements in mental health. 11. Effective in pain therapy. 12. Increase in oxygen levels in bloodstreams.13.Stimulates the immune system.14. Promotes the release of the happiness hormones-endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.15. Calms and focuses the mind for meditation

    Kotsa 5.6 Inch Handmade Chakra Healing Singing Bowl

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