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At jalebi jewels you get a fine quality of product . Our unique designs and beautiful artistic designs are working out all tile to create the most unique uncommon designs. 


Our team of talented artists and designers have created a variety of exclusive bracelet collections for every customer‘s taste and they are available in our store. We ship all our bracelets worldwide for free! Each bracelet arrives packaged in a beautiful box which is included in the price.
 Our bracelets are suitable for both large and very thin wrists. The material is flexible and you can easily correct the diameter. For proper use, we advise our customers not to stretch the bracelet harshly or more than necessary to avoid damaging it

One size 

The bracelets are made of high-quality brass which makes them strong and flexible and they can be expanded to fit any wrist size. The inner side of the bracelet is covered with a special polyethylene layer. This material protects your skin against allergic reactions and DOES NOT cause any skin problems! Our bracelets do not lose their shape over time (water and sweat do not affect them). They are coated with a special material that isolates the metal from your skin and gives a unique shine and aesthetic look to the jewelry. They are extremely light and comfortable to wear!

Jalebi Jewels is a part of team of colors of kotsa been working since long years . 

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Kotsa Handmade bracelet cuff brass design complete 3 line bangle look jewels

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